ROUGE Professional Makeup Application:

You don't necessarily need to learn about it, you just need it DONE.
Special Events, Parties, Galas, Girl's Night Out, TV Appearances, Presentations, Your Birthday, Your Class Reunion, that Special Date, any occasion can be an occasion for ROUGE MAKEUP!  By Appointment ONLY, call 248-439-6012 for more information.

Makeup Lesson: Teen Mini-Lesson

Does your "Tween" or "Teen" need a little makeup and skincare help? Are they wearing the wrong foundation color, neglecting their skin?  
Are they using (in your opinion) the wrong shades or textures?
We know, sometimes, they just won't listen to MOM.  
But!  They do (miraculously) listen to US!
This Lesson is designed to give us just enough time with them to create a simple, everyday look.  From proper skincare and blemish coverage, picking the right colors or learning how to wear eye-liner, we can help.

  • Skincare product, trial and recommendation
  • Foundation match
  • Simple color recommendation & how-to Lesson

$65 1 Hour: Request Cheryl or Larrissa

*If your Teen is more advanced, and maybe needs more than
​just the basics, please book the "what's in your bag" appointment.

We specialize in helping YOU create a healthier beauty routine!


We are Award Winning Makeup Artists and Organic Beauty Experts.  
​At ROUGE, it is our Mission to empower you with the product and
the know-how to look and feel your very best every day.From skincare and makeup Lessons to Bridal and Special Event, our Makeup Artists will WOW you with their expertise, skill and natural touch. It makes no difference if you are 12 or 92, if you have 

a deep skintone or if you're fair,  ROUGE will bring out your very best.

At ROUGE, we work exclusively with Organic & Vegan, Plant and pure Mineral based, EVE ORGANICS Beauty.  Our partnership with this small independent (Michigan based, women owned & operated) company has been exclusive 
since 2010.  We believe  wholeheartedly in our products.  Our products work beautifully, and we can teach you how to get the most out of each and every one of them.  Take a look at our GALLERY and you will see that our "Models" have glowing skin.  Over the years, we've converted hundreds to our fabulous Skincare and Makeup!  Book a session with ROUGE today, and see the difference!

learn more about our products

All About ROUGE Makeup:

These are our Clients and Friends.  They are Women just like you!  
​Whether it's a Lesson or a Special Event,  ​
ROUGE is YOUR Makeup Studio! 

Our "Models" are our Clients!

  • Special Event / Party .............................. $65 

  • Portrait Application ................................. $65

  • Engagement Photos ............................... $65

  • Smokey Eye ........................................... $65

  • Lashes + Liner (alone) ........................... $35

  • Lashes (add-on) ..................................... $10

Makeup Lesson: What's in Your Bag?

This 90 minute appointment is your opportunity to not only try our products, but also to learn our expert tips and tricks for looking YOUR very best.  We will go through your makeup bag with you to identify products that are viable, and those that may need to be replaced.  Whether you are starting fresh, or just adding a few new pieces, we will help you build a better makeup bag!

  • Skincare Trial & Recommendation
  • Foundation Match & Application
  • Color Recommendation & Application: Eye Shadow, Cheek Color, Lips and Brows

$85 / 90 Minutes:  
Book with Cheryl or Larrissa

ROUGE Makeup Menu

"I got my start at 18 in NYC. I worked my way up and through just about every cosmetic company that exists.  I am a walking encyclopedia of makeup & skincare, because I have lived it and I love it.  Through a series of questions,
I can quickly get the bottom of what you need, and what colors will make you happy. I love a challenge and my passion is helping Women of all ages look and feel their very best."

- Cheryl, Owner & Lead Makeup Artist

  at ROUGE Makeup & Nail Studio

These prices are in-studio only.  All makeup application includes skincare preparation, foundation, and color (except Lashes & Liner).  Lashes are not included, but are available for an extra charge.  
​For Costume Makeup, please see our COSTUME Gallery.For Bridal information, please see our BRIDAL Page.