Our Team is made up of individually fabulous professionals. Together, we have decades of experience.  We love what we do, and obviously, it shows.  Here are just some of the kind reviews left for us by our wonderful guests.   Thank you!

Thank you!  ROUGE Loves you, too!

"I love Jeny, and the hot towels, and the tea, and the aromatherapy, and the general feeling of relaxation and pampering that comes with visiting Rouge every time."

- Jessica 10/10

"Everything. The friendly and inviting atmosphere, the all natural products, the incredibly luxurious experience. From someone who worked for many years in the salon business, Rouge has consistently exceeded my expectations."
- Emily 10/10

"I had no idea that facials could be so fancy! They did an outstanding job making me feel comfortable with the facial process and the products she was using. I was able to lay back and relax. Such an indulgence!"
​- Angela 10/10

"What did I like about your services???? EVERYTHING. Thank you so much for making me feel at home, relaxed, and loved. Always a warm and inviting atmosphere and Jeny is awesome. My sweet husband surprised me with a deluxe pedicure and it's just what was needed after a long week. What a treat!!! I also bought some fun lip-gloss that I wore immediately! I will be seeing you lovely ladies again. Thanks again!"
- Alicia 10/10

"I am really picky about my eyebrows. I want them full and arched, and Myranda delivered. They were not harsh looking and she really took her time with me. I hardly even felt it. The salon is so cute and retro. You will love this tiny little gem of a salon. She even took the time to show me around and introduce me to everyone. It was very welcoming. A good environment is really important to me when choosing a salon. Lastly, they use organic and mostly vegan products. These things really matter to me, so I will be returning."
​- Autumn 10/10

"I couldn't be happier with my ROUGE time.  I had some nasty damage from Gel and Shellac and Jeny helped me grow out healthy nails.  I would probably still be using Shellac.  If it wasn't for her calm treatment and healthy nail approach, my nails would not be as happy as they are now.  I am so glad that I found ROUGE!
​Thank you Jeny!"

- Donna 10/10

"The Rouge girls are some of my favorite ladies! I instantly feel at home when I walk into the shop. Whether you're there for nails, threading, make up application, or just picking up some skincare products, service is always impeccable. Having been a regular for a while now, at this point I'm completely spoiled--there is no way I'll be able to go anywhere else and be as satisfied."

​- Amy 10/10

"Personal and friendly, and such a lovely atmosphere. I feel like I've stepped into a friend's living room for a little tea, sympathy and manicure whenever I stop by!  Prices might not be as cheap as some of the nail boutiques I could go to in the multitude of strip malls in the area, but the extra I spend is worth it for the quality of service I receive. I am forever a Rouge Girl!"
- ​Katie 10/10


"Love, love, love. I get my monthly pedi here with Jeny, and it always looks and feels great when I'm through, not to mention lasting longer than any other pedicure I've ever gotten. 
Cheryl has done my makeup on several occasions, once for a work-related photo shoot, so the look was very professional, perfectly done, and lasted all day under hot lights, looking great in the final photos. The other time was for a night out, and the look was totally different - edgy, sexy, and fun. Each time, she was a delight to work with, and she really listens, and does amazing work."

HL 10/10

Everyone there took the time to answer my questions, assess my needs, and advise me on how to better take care of my skin. It was a relaxing and very enjoyable visit, without pressure to purchase everything they recommended.

​- Lindsey 10/10

"What's not to like? The whole experience...services, personnel, atmosphere, hospitality,etc...was phenomenal! I walked out feeling so well cared for and healed that I was in tears. Thank you, thank you for the work you are doing.
- Pam 10/10

"Rouge's atmosphere is so inviting that it seems more like girlfriends getting together to enjoy themselves. Denitra gave me a luxurious pedicure and the only thing I had to do was relax and chose a polish. Myranda is the queen of brows and actually understood what I was asking for & I can't say enough positive (no one else shall touch again).   Such pampering!"
​- Nancy 10/10

Lead Makeup Artist, Owner/ Founder of ROUGE


Lead Manicurist / Owner at ROUGE

Brow & Face Threading Expert
Wax, Makeup Artist


What makes ROUGE
​so special?  Simple!  
​It's our fabulous TEAM!