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Since the beginning, ROUGE Makeup & Nail Studio has partnered with Eve Organics Beauty to provide quality, results driven, plant-based and organic Skincare and Makeup. We have used this product line in all of our classes, photo shoots, wedding parties and everything makeup for 10 years.  In 2019, ROUGE purchased Eve Organics Beauty.  Now, when you shop Eve Organics Beauty, you are shopping directly with ROUGE. All of your favorite products are right here! 

We are very excited about this new acquisition. Yes, we are planning changes and improvements to this beloved product line, but we promise to keep the fabulous quality that you are used to. We will keep you posted on any changes, in the meantime, you can shop now! If you need extra help, or want to see and try our products in person, please come to ROUGE or book an appointment with one of our fabulous Makeup Artists.  We have the experts and the expertise to help you find your new favorite color, the perfect foundation mask or your face-saving skincare routine.

Our Beauty Product Philosophy:

Our theory is this... when it comes to embracing a healthier lifestyle, BEAUTY PRODUCTS are the final frontier.  Many of us want to minimize our impact on the environment and eat a healthier diet.  But, what about our beauty products?  Just what, exactly, are the products that we use every day doing to US? What impact do our personal beauty products have on what we like to call our,  "Personal Eco-System"?  
The answer is plenty.  

The products that we use every day can have a significant effect on our health and well being. From damaged fingernails to blemishes to potential links to chronic illnesses, ingredients in beauty products can be dangerous. So, why are these dangerous ingredients in your beauty products?  
Simple.  The FDA does not regulate the Cosmetic Industry.  
Mind blowing, no? 

This is why we are so passionate about what we do.

We want to make it easier for you to get the products that you need without having to do all of the research.  We search for the finest, best quality, healthy beauty products, and bring them to our shop.  The brands that we choose are better for you, because we believe that you should have a better, more informed choice!  
Our Beauty Products are:

  • Plant Based - this is very important as many mass produced brands are now touting "natural", but they are still loaded with chemicals.
  • Vegan - there are hidden animal ingredients in so many popular beauty products.  Look up tallow,  if you just can't believe it.
    It's a key ingredient in a very popular soap that has a bird on it. 
  • Organic - whenever possible.  Did you know that you only have to have a 3% Organic Content to call your products, "Organic"?  
    Crazy!  Our products are up to 98% Organic content, and they work beautifully.  
  • Affordable - we believe that you get what you pay for.  That said, our products should cost much more than they do for the fabulous ingredient lists that they have. Because most of our Makeup & Skincare is made by Eve Organics Beauty, a small Michigan Based brand, it's very affordable.  That's because they don't have advertising or excessive packaging.  This savings is passed on to you!  You're paying for the product, not the hype.

If you have questions about our product mix,don't hesitate to ask.  
​We love to chat with you about Healthier Beauty!  
We believe it's part of what makes ROUGE a better beauty experience.  

​       - Cheryl Salinas-Tucker, Owner & Founder, ROUGE

Our Skincare & Makeup: Eve Organics Beauty

Since 2010